Is Roblox Safe for Kids

Is Roblox Safe for kids?

Is Roblox Safe for Kids

We receive calls from parents asking us not only about our Roblox coding courses but also about the general safety of Roblox. That’s why we have decided to shed some light on this matter in a dedicated Roblox article.

The most important message you need to remember: Roblox is a safe place to play. Roblox is as safe as any other application, game or software installed on your laptop, PC or tablet.

Roblox is an online game and uses internet. Roblox may involve interactions between players if you want it. Roblox also has one of the largest online communities in the world.

To start with, children need to learn important online communication and safety rules. Parents may control the level of access and what their kids may do online in Roblox. There are various ways to do it.

Safety in Roblox is like safety when crossing the road or safety talking to unknown people on the street. So it is all about educating your child and teaching him/her about the basics of online behaviour which is kind of the same as in real world. Digital literacy including digital safety are very important skills these days.

We will share some rules and tips you may apply for Roblox:

  • Roblox offers parental control. It allows to control what your child does. You can restrict chats. And allow your child to chat with his/her friends only. So no unexpected or unplanned communications. Just go to your Roblox account and set it up.
  • Never use your real name or child’s real name when you create a Roblox account. Use a nickname. And it is so fun to create nicknames!
  • Sit couple times near your kid and watch what she/he is doing. This will allow you to see patterns of behaviour and build confidence in your child.
  • Warn kids about talking to strangers. It should be same set of rules as you have when discuss talking to unknown people on the street, shopping malls and playgrounds.
  • Another very safe way for a child to spend her/his time in Roblox is actually learning how to build and code their own Roblox games. We create very friendly and safe atmosphere on our Roblox sessions. Kids can learn Roblox coding, working with 3D objects and interact with other children all under supervision and guidance of out Roblox educators.

It is easy to stay safe online. As easy as in the real world. So yes Roblox is safe when you teach the basics to your child.

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