NSW creative kids vouchers: save 50$ on your next holidays camp, coding and robotics classes.

Creative Kids Vouchers Process Explained

You may use Creative Kids Vouchers for any Thinklum in person and online courses for kids.

Creative Kids is a new NSW Government initiative. NSW parents, guardians and careers of young people can apply for a $50 creative kids voucher to use for creative and cultural learning activities outside of the school curriculum.

How to apply for a voucher and use it to pay for Thinklum in person and online courses for kids? (instruction)

1. Apply for a voucher using a link: Creative Kids Voucher 

2. Once you applied for a $50 creative kids voucher you need to select "YES" for the checkout option "I want to use Creative kids Voucher" as shown on the image blow.

Thinklum accepts Creative Kids Voucher for attending Robotics Classes for kids and teens

The price will be reduced by $50.

3. After you have added your course for kids into the cart, please fill in the enrollment form and enter Creative kids voucher details as shown below:

Thinklum accepts creative kids vouchers for Robotics Classes for kids and teens

4. Pay for the gap if the price of the course for kids is more than $50.

5. See you in the class.