Frequently Asked Questions

thinklum faq page

Trial Class

I am interested in your robotics program. Is there any trial session/class my child may attend to decide whether he/she will enjoy the program?

Yes. We have a trial session. The price per session is 35$. You need to send us email at, include day and time into the email and we will let you know whether we have any spots available for a trial class on that day. 

Creative Kids Voucher

Do you accept NSW Creative Kids Vouchers and how can I use my voucher when enrolling my child into your robotics or coding class?

Yes, we accept Creative Kids Vouchers. Please, follow the link to learn about the process of enrolment with Creative Kids Voucher. 

School holidays

When do the school holidays start?

You may easily check the dates of school holidays here

High school class

Do you have any high school level classes?

Yes. All our classes starting from Advanced Robotics Class level are suitable for a high school students. We run our program in a format of a club. It means children attending a club can be of different ages. We also have a leadership model and if your child is more experienced or smart then he/she will be progressing much faster with all robotics assignments and will be able to become a leader. We prepare students for a real life collaboration where the age does not matter and what really matters are your skills, experience and ability to communicate efficiently. 

Lego Robotics and any other robotics experience

Do you have a Lego robotics classes?

No, we do not use Lego as a platform to build robots. We have analysed over 100 robotics platforms including Lego and selected the best robotics platforms for education. Many of our students has switched from Lego to our Robotics club and enjoy it much more because they say “you can build real things not toys”. 


Do you have homework or home assignments for robotics class?

Yes. Please, ask a teacher to give your child assignments if you as a parent/guardian is happy with it. 

Laptops and Robotics Kits

Do we need to bring our own laptops to the class? Do we need to buy robotics kits?

All our student have to bring their own laptops to the class. This is due to hygiene and safety reasons. This also allows our student to continue with their home assignments at home/

We provide you with robotics kit and supply you with required parts and sensors as your child completes levels. 

Parents presence in a class

Can I stay and watch what my child is doing? My child needs support. May I stay in a class with him/her?

You may stay in a classroom to help your child or support them in case they need assistance due to some health, behavioural or developmental conditions. However, due to NSW regulations your need to obtain WWCC. Please, do it beforehand as we won’t allow you to stay in the classroom unless you present your Id and a valid WWCC certificate. 

In all other cases the access to the premises is restricted to conform with the safety.


Robotics Programming Language

What programming language is used for robotics program?

Children learn block based programming language. 


Number of robotics classes/sessions in Term

What is the number of robotics and coding classes/session per school term?

We have 8 classes/sessions per term at the moment. 4 in class sessions and 4 online self-paces sessions in our online learning environment.

School pick-up

Do you pick-up kids from a local school?

No. We do not  pick-up kids from a local school. However, if there is a group of kids (8-10) and their parents are happy if we pick up their kids from school and run a class for this group exclusively, then we may arrange a pick up as well as discuss extension of our class and make it 2-3 hours class. Please, email us on and we may discuss all the details.