What is TIPS for Kids?

Introduction to TIPS for Kids: TIPS Club for kids introduces children aged 6-9 to the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, offering a structured and engaging approach to boost their problem-solving skills.

In TIPS classes, children are exposed to creative thinking methodologies that go beyond traditional approaches, fostering a mindset of curiosity and inventiveness.

Development of Critical Thinking: TIPS empowers kids to think critically and systematically about problems they encounter. Through fun and interactive activities, children learn to analyze challenges and develop inventive solutions.


For instance, when faced with the task of designing a sturdier toy, kids may explore alternative materials, encouraging them to think outside the box and enhancing their problem-solving capabilities.


Cultivation of Inventive Skills: TIPS for kids not only addresses immediate problems but also instills a deeper understanding of inventive thinking. In these classes, children are encouraged to come up with unique ideas and solutions, fostering a sense of creativity and resourcefulness.

By using TIPS principles, kids can transform everyday challenges into opportunities for innovation, preparing them for a future where inventive problem-solving is a valuable skill.