Covid-19 Safety Gadget

We have designed a smart safety gadget to help students and professionals keep safe distance when it is required. Check our video below to learn about our invention.


One of the most efficient ways to protect from covid and reduce the spread of virus is to keep distance. However, it is hard to track the distance and keep distance when you talk to other people or work with them. And if you are too far away, it is hard to communicate.

So, we have decided to build a device to assist everyone with staying safe. Our device must possess with the following characteristics:

Lightweight Use common batteries Has affordable price Be compact Has light indicators

We have reviewed available hardware qualifying for the above criteria and selected micro:bit. We have programmed micro:bits to track each other and inform their carriers when they are on a safe and not safe distance.

We have tested our prototype and it works as expected. We hope it may be used to save lives.