Robotics for Kids: Engineering, Coding and Logical Thinking

Robotics for Kids classed is all about hands-on learning, where your child will dive into the world of robots, clever machines, and programming in a kid-friendly visual block-based environment.

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What Your Child Will Learn

Build robots and clever machines, learn robots programming, explore electronics, electrical circuits, and sensors and apply mathematical thinking while working on exciting robot projects
Stage 1

Introduction to robotics

  • Children learn the basics of robotics, robotics design and programming basics, required to progress further with more advanced engineering and programming challenges.
  • You receive the first real robotics kit and will continue using it at STAGE 2.
Stage 2

Extend your robotics skills

  • Students learn more advanced programming concepts as well as new robotics design models.
  • Students feel more comfortable with the programming assignments and able to assemble more complex robots.
Stage 3

Advanced robotics concepts and projects

  • Students are able to program and build basic robots independently.
  • They start learning more advanced concepts and working on more challenging programming assignments. 
  • We introduce the first "self-designed" and "self-made" projects. 
  • You receive upgrade robotics kit and will continue using it at STAGE 4.
Stage 4

Apply and extend your knowledge

  • A more serious projects are introduced at this stage. 
  • Students work on more complex models half of their time and half time spend on their own project.
  •  We provide students with heaps of ideas and support them as they progress. 
  • You receive upgrade robotics kit and will continue using it at further stages.

Ready for Robotics Challenges

  • We will focus on one complex project the student is going to build.
  • Preparation to competitions, school expos and school challenges. 
  • Students need to present their project ideas and implement them in their own robotics projects as well as complete all programming required for a robot project.

Hear from Parents of our Students

"My son has been going weekly for many years -hr really enjoys the program - says its more complex than the one offered at his school. Mila is very respectful and helpful to the children, and able to give individual help and encouragement. When my son completed the program, she helped him develop his own model - this involved a lot of concept development, trial and error prototype, and problem solving for his "machine" - many hands on, useful skills in today`s STEM society."

- Teresa, Concord Club student's parent

"Highly recommended. The curriculum is of good quality and highly engaged for kids (and anyone love robotics, programming, technology etc.)."

- Yen, Burwood club student's parent

"My son has been going to this coding Robot class for the last 3 years, highly recommended."

- Jasmine, Concord Club student's parent

"The team at Thinklum are an amazing group of enthusiastic educators that specialise in Robotics for school aged children. My daughter loves the classes at newington public school and has participated in competitions and events outside of school as well. She learns something new every time and we are amazed at what she can do and how quickly she can build amazing robotics. I highly recommend the team there for any child looking to get into coding and robotics."

- A S, Newington Club student's parent

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