Thinklum One on One private class with a tutor
Thinklum one on one YouTube course  for kids
Thinklum Roblox one on one coding class for kids
Thinklum one on one Minecraft STEM and coding class
Thinklum one on one Website building course for kids
Thinklum one on one Scratch coding class
Thinklum one on one robotics class for kids
Thinklum is Roblox official educator in Australia
Thinklum Robotics for kids featured on media
Thinklum Robotics for kids Young ICT Explorers competitions winner

Private Tutor Led One-On-One Online Classes - Roblox, YouTube, Minecraft, Robotics, Scratch, Ecommerce

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  • Live one-on-one online session with our tutor
  • Every course requires minimum 5-6 1-hour sessions to be completed end to end
  • All tutors are based in Australia and have all required checks
  • Individual approach for every child
  • Every session is 60 minutes long
  • Flexible and various time slots are available, you will receive a link for bookings
  • Our tutor will assist your child with the task completion
  • A tutor will walk your child through the theory and practice
  • Your child will be able to ask questions and get them answered
  • All sessions are recorded, so your child may review them out of class
  • Lots of practice to support what kids have learned
If you need individual sessions on a long term basis, send us email to to discuss your requirements and individual learning plan and cost