Thinklum Podcast "Kids Education Unpacked"

  • Epi4 #Education: Children on spectrum are going to change this world one day - Thinklum Podcast with Rebecca McCash

    You will hear the story of Rebecca and her work with children who have disabilities. Rebecca will share her personal family story and what motivates her to assist many families with similar stories.

    We will discuss children on the spectrum, how to work with kids who see the world a bit differently. We will discuss the recent scientific papers and research on children with autism. Children have lots of hidden talents especially in STEM fields.

    It is often about creating a proper atmosphere and understanding what motivates kids on spectrum.

    We will discuss what parents of kids with disabilities should focus on these days when teaching kids or investing into their education and why.

    Rebecca shares curious insights on online education for kids with disability and explains existing limitations.

    Is it easy for a person with no STEM background to teach kids on spectrum Robotics and Coding?

  • Epi3 #Edutech Technology can be used way better for kids and get them away from a passive screen time

    Today we will have Nicole and Kern from playgrasshopper on our podcast.

    Do you have a young kid and want to get her/him moving to develop coordination, fine motor skills and learn team work over interactive collaboration and play activities then you should listen to this podcast.


  • Epi2 #Edutech: Should We Teach a Fish to Climb a Tree Or What is There in the Future of Education - Thinklum Podcast with Robobloq

    Welcome to "Kids Education Unpacked" Podcast.

    It is our first episode with a guest. We have amazing guest Nicole Wan from Robobloq STEAM Robotics Education company.
    In this episode we will discuss what skills kids should be learning to succeed in the future. We will discuss whether parents can teach robotics at home by themselves and whether online education works.
    We will talk about the future of the online education as well as online robotics classes and robotics and coding education.
    Nicole will also share insights on what's happening in education space due to the covid-19 and what is the impact on educators and families life around the globe.
     Join us on this podcast and learn how robotics is changing the world.
     Your co-hosts: Mila Loginovski and Andrei Loginovski.
  • Epi1 Thinklum Podcast: Kids Education Unpacked Introduction

    Welcome to the first episode of Thinklum "Kids Education Unpacked" Podcast.
    We will discuss how we started with Thinklum Coding and Robotics School and why we decided to start this podcast.
    The modern education is rapidly changing impacted both by technological progress as well as new challenges the world is facing these days.
    Let's dive together into the educational space and see what is there for parents and educators to help children become successful and live happy lives.
    Lets go!