Why does every child needs to be a thinker

Why does every child needs to be a thinker?

Why does every child needs to be a thinker

Many parents could say “why should my child be a thinker?” or “why should a child think efficiently?”.  May be it would be best for other people to solve problems and be creative thinkers. May be a child should child go with the flow as many do.

Lets first start with the fact kids do not really learn thinking at school. It could sound very shockingly but this is a bitter truth and reality. There was a research conducted that showed kids in grade twelve had the same creative thinking skills as they used to have in grade four. Even kids from schools that claimed they did something special to teach kids creative thinking or just thinking did not differ much. Still the outcomes of 12 years of study at school are encyclopaedic factual memorisation and some subjects knowledge.

But may be it is okay for kids not to develop skills and continuing to memorize is what still is fine. Actually not. Knowledge workers are over 30% of workforce and this percentage is growing. There are more and more routine tasks done by robots who’s memory and knowledge are much bigger than of average human being. Still someone need to perform creative and creative thinking work and humans are great in doing it.

So, it becomes obvious why today learning thinking and creative thinking is the most important skill to learn. The need of thinkers and creative thinkers will only grow as it looks like it becomes the main and only skill people are still better than machines.



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