Why creative problem-solving for kids

Why creative problem-solving for kids?

Why creative problem-solving for kids

Many parents are interested in raising self-sufficient and responsible individuals, able to succeed academically and in life. However, no many know the key to all above is creative problem-solving skill.

This skill acquired at young age and polished throughout life will allow a kid to deal with various problems and pressures. Problem-solving is one of the most essential and important skills. It consists of various thinking processes and methods. Problem-solving can be used both in business and science as well as for dealing with social and psychological uncertainties.

Problem-solving can be learned. Unless, this skill is taught it can’t be acquired as easy as factual knowledge. There is no encyclopedia of problem-solving.

The biggest limitation of teaching and learning problem-solving for kids is the adaptation of quite complex concepts to the level of kid’s understanding and experience. However, programs like ours allows kids to learn creative problem-solving starting from the age of six.



To learn these skills you may enrol your child into our weekly online or face-to-face “TRIZ for Kids Creative Thinking and Problem Solving” program.


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