What skills should children acquire to succeed

What skills should children acquire to succeed?

What skills should children acquire to succeed

Parents and teachers have to focus on teaching children creativity and innovative thinking, solving unusual and not typical problems, information analysis and ability to work with various types of information, communication and teamwork.

Learn problem solving for kids

Understand and apply the frameworks of problem solving, develop critical and logical thinking. Develop “any problem has a solution” attitude. Learn how to define the problem contradictions, then work on eliminate all of them.

Learn creative thinking for kids

Acquire important creativity skills. Escape from thinking inertia and train your mindset to be flexible and elastic. Understand and apply the patterns and frameworks of creativity.

Invent new ideas and develop imagination

Develop abilities to see the world from different perspectives and understand how to find the ways to improve anything or invent things that never existed before. Learn how innovators and inventors think and apply knowledge on practice.

Learn logical and system thinking for kids

Become a person who can change the world by doing things differently. Change your thinking and creation strategies depending on the problem. Learn to be flexible, adopt to the changing environment, eliminate fears of challenges and think of any challenge as a fun journey with life-changing rewards.

To learn these skills you may enroll your child into our weekly online or face-to-face “TRIZ for Kids Creative Thinking and Problem Solving” program to become #Thinklumazing.


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