What is creativity and creative thinking for kids

What is creativity and creative thinking for kids?

What is creativity and creative thinking for kids

Lets think of creativity as our ability to see the future. More of it is the ability to see something that we have not seen before. This is how many inventions were made and breakthroughs done by humankind – through creative thinking abilities.

Our brain has specials regions allowing to our mind to wander and moving into some directions combining objects from the knowledge or the past and create or generate some new ideas or objects. That’s how in simple words a creative thinking looks like.

More of it studies show people may have a better or worse trained ability to switch between the modes of usual thinking and creative thinking. It means you may train your brain to think creatively and control or better say direct your cognitive process into a specific direction of creative thinking.

This is why we believe teaching or training kids creative thinking is even more important than learning mathematics. Creative thinking for kids will allow a child to solve problems whether it is mathematics or life problem and solve it in an efficient way.

More of it, a skill of thinking creatively stays with your child and wherever creative thinking is required in her/his life you may use it as you use reading or writing (or typing) skills. To learn these skill you may enroll your child into our weekly online or face-to-face “TRIZ for Kids Creative Thinking and Problem Solving” program.


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