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What is a robotics club and why your child should join one?

Busy busy building robots at our robotics class

Robotics Club is a place where school aged children, interested in robotics and STEM education, may gather in order to learn robotics, exchange their ideas and work on robotics projects. Usually, there are two types of robotics clubs available: school class robotics club or independent robotics clubs.

A format of a club often reminds a lesson however there are no requirements to sit and do what a teacher tells you to do. However, the role of a robotics educator is to introduce new topics, projects, assist children with building robots and coding them as well as understanding projects and challenges.

Often robotics challenges are linked to disciplines on robotics competitions such as robotics soccer, robots battle, robots maze and other.

Children build various robots, code robots and learn about robotics competitions. Every challenge involves very cool maths games and logical puzzles.

Any child of primary school age can join a robotics club and create a team. The best thing about robotics clubs is about collaboration, team work, learning communications and building something together or thinking how to solve a problem together not on your own. These are very important skills in life. Robotics club is also a great place for children who love STEM or would like to learn more about science, mathematics, solve cool mathematical problems and challenges.

That’s why any parent should consider a robotics club as one of the in school or after school activities of their kids. As it is good for both IQ and EQ development.
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