What can make creativity flourish at home and in the classroom

What can make creativity flourish at home and in the classroom?

What can make creativity flourish at home and in the classroom

You could wonder whether creativity is something you could learn or it is a natural ability of a person. While still scientist explore how creative thinking and creativity work, it is well known creativity doesn’t happen on its own.

It is very important to create special environment and atmosphere for creative thinking. Many things may stimulate children’s creativity in the classroom or home. These could be interesting object or unusual picture, text or problem, engaging story, unusual or unknown object.

Children’s emotions are also very important. When children are engaged, they are motivated to achieve creative goals and think creatively. There should be little boundaries and not rights or wrongs.

Creative thinking and creativity are a process. It is easier for children to follow the process when there is a clear framework or a model. Creativity models and frameworks allow children to discipline their thinking and imaginative process, walk through the steps or procedures of creative thinking and achieve the desired outcomes. These could be solutions to problems, creative stories, inventions and art.

We use TRIZ framework to teach children creative and innovative thinking. The framework comprises of models, procedures and recommendation on how to invent, create and also communicate in a group and with individuals.

To summarise the above, in order for creativity to flourish in a classroom or home you need:

  • working creativity framework,
  • special environment
  • and comfortable emotional atmosphere.


To learn these skills, you may enroll your child into our weekly online or face-to-face “TRIZ for Kids Creative Thinking and Problem Solving” program.




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