Roblox community is growing at Thinklum

Thinklum is growing Roblox community in Australia

Roblox community is growing at Thinklum

Roblox is a cross platform game launched many years ago. Since its launch it achieved incredible milestone by reaching over 100 millions of monthly active users in 2019.

Due to its world-wide popularity Roblox decided to make a contribution to digital literacy of kids. So Roblox offered a Roblox Studio for kids to learn coding, learning game design and communicating their ideas in a community. Kids have built and programmed over 50 millions games so far and this number is growing.

Thinklum team decided to support this amazing movement and interest of kids and gained the required knowledge to teach kids coding in Roblox Studio. We have been added to the official Roblox educators listing and proudly represent Australia Roblox community.

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