Terms and Conditions school COVID-19 Update

We have updated Terms and Conditions as of 7/2/2022. This is to be compliant with regulations of work in classroom settings in NSW.

We have added a new section. Please, read it carefully. Please, let us know asap if you have any questions regarding this update.

If we do not receive any calls, emails or texts before your child attends a classroom session, we will consider it as if you have resubmitted and confirmed you understand the Terms and Conditions.

The new section extract from Terms and Conditions:


I acknowledge that this event/activity is required to be held in accordance with any current NSW Health COVID-19 Public Health Orders and the NSW Department of Education’s policies and procedures. I acknowledge and accept that there is a risk that my child may be exposed to COVID-19 whilst attending and participating at this event. I confirm that my child will not attend if displaying any symptoms of illness, and/or if directed to isolate under public health orders.


For further information on the risk of exposure, refer to NSW Health’s Information for people exposed to COVID-19

External link: https://education.nsw.gov.au/inside-the-department/covid-19/covid-19-advice/consent#sidenavigation_auto

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