Should kindergarten aged kids learn robotics?

Should kindergarten aged kids learn robotics?

 Should kindergarten aged kids learn robotics

We have this question being asked by many parents who bring their older kids to our robotics classes but have younger kids who are a bit too young to join our club.

So, we have decided to summarize some of the learnings and advise you on what you may do in robotics space already with kids as young as 3 years old.

First of all, based on the recent research the discussion about the interaction of kids with digital technology is considered outdated. The main question is about the number of hours a child should be spending over screens and/or with robots and other STEM toys.

Today young children can easily build and program basic robots, decorate robots and play them with their other toys. So, the main question now is how children should be using the technology in the most beneficial way that supports development of various important skills.

Children are easily engaged in playful programming activities with various programmable STEM toys. This develops computational thinking skills, critical thinking and logical thinking. Visual programming environments are used from age 3 to enable technology for the youngest explores of robotics.

Early childhood is important time for young kids to explore the world, grow and play, understand the world they live in. It is not possible and absolutely unnecessary to isolate kids from the digital world as it is the essential part of our lives today.

Researchers highlight the fact that educational robots promote superior cognitive functions, like executive functions involved in creative thinking and problem solving, such as reasoning and planning, in typically developing preschool children.

So go ahead, let your young kids explore robotics and digital technology. Just make sure it does not become the only play they have. Everything is good when it is in a balance.

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