Roblox 3D modelling and coding for kids

Roblox is a way to learn basics of 3D modelling and programming

Roblox 3D modelling and coding for kids

Roblox game building process involves 3D modelling. You do not need any special tool or software as Roblox offer everything in Roblox Studio environment. So you may create your own 3D objects (we call them Roblox 3D assets) directly in Roblox Studio.  You may write a code to program how your 3D assets work and “talk” to characters and other objects.

Our students like exploring objects in 3D space in Roblox Studio. Exploration is the best way to learn how objects would look like in their games and worlds. When you are comfortable with your object, you may start adding them together and this way build almost anything in Roblox.

You may build a simple house or a city. Yes, if you dream to become an architect than it is a way to start with. Most of architects with 3D objects in similar environments in real life and this is why we love Roblox so much.

Come and join us online. We have amazing students and our community in Australia is growing every day.
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