Roblox students are socializing virtually over Roblox coding camps and classes

Roblox is a great way for kids to socialize during covid and also learn many new skills.

Roblox students are socializing virtually over camps and classes

#Roblox looks like an online game for the most of parents. However, it is much more than online games.

Many educators around the world have rediscovered Roblox during covid and continue to apply this platform to teach kids many important future skills. Some parents found their kids learning animations, other kids code their own games and some build entrepreneurship skills by making games and earning more and more robux every day.

We have already taught hundreds of students in our online Roblox classes and many kids learned how to make a game in Roblox over the lockdown. Many of our students continue with their Roblox games enhancements. It is also amazing to see how students share their ideas and help each other in building much cooler Roblox games.

Our Thinklum Roblox students love socializing when playing each other games. They had no idea how to make their own Roblox games just few months ago and now they can even teach their younger brothers and sisters or their friends.

Its never too late to join our Roblox online classes, learn making Roblox games together and become creators.
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