Online coding courses for kids

Online coding courses for kids

Online coding classes for kids

Adults got used to various online learning opportunities. There are various platforms like Coursera or EdX to learn various skills. We want to share some of our impressions on online coding courses for kids.

The courses we have developed and running are very balanced in terms of the amount and diversity of activities. We have online live coding sessions when a coding tutors walks through the new material and coding concepts with children.

There are challenges to boost kids creativity or validate their coding knowledge. Kids also may have individual assignments if they want. However, with extra coding challenges for kids you may be confident kids will be busy even after the online live coding classes. And what’s more important kids will be learning not playing.

We have home assignments reviews and checks and for those who need extra assistance there are options for individual one-on-ne online coding sessions with a coding tutor.

Have we convinced you to try? Join our success stories and let your child apply their natural talents.

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