Online Code Roblox Camps Throwback

Online Code Roblox Camps Throwback

Online Code Roblox Camps

We have amazing kids on our last Code Roblox Camps. Kids are amazing builders, creators and programmers. And many of them joined our class the first time and had experience in playing Roblox games only.

But we have changed the way kids looked at and thought of Roblox games. We were able to transform many kids from players and content consumers into Roblox games programmers. This transformation happened thanks to our Code Roblox Camps.

By the end of just one week of hourly coding classes, kids were able to learn to build their own 3D objects and whats more impressive write real programs to change their behavior.

We could even hear parents’ excitement exclamations behind the screens. But we are not surprised. We are aiming to engage even more kids into coding their own games and we have great support form Roblox to make it happen.

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