Minecraft Education Edition Camps Rock!

Minecraft Education Edition Camps Rock!

When parents call us and ask whether their kids would be just playing Minecraft over a camp we say “NO”. And then we explain what we are going to do.

We use Minecraft Education Edition to teach children coding and basics of algorithmic and logical thinking. More of it, children participate in various STEM challenges.

This weekend some of our students created a water Zoo and helped rare turtles nest eggs. They were impressed when in 15 minutes there were little turtles running around and swimming in a newly created clean pond. May be our student will become Taronga Zoo keepers one day.

Our Minecraft Education Edition STEM and coding classes are good for both Minecraft fans and absolute newbies. The best thing about Minecraft is that it really helps kids acquire many important skills while learning in a collaborative and supportive risk-free environment.

We are aiming to expand our Minecraft Education Edition initiative and bring more opportunities to learn across Australia.

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