Kids’ creative thinking and critical thinking gap

Kids’ creative thinking and critical thinking gap.

Kids’ creative thinking and critical thinking gap

Look around and you will see educational systems put factual subjects in favour compared to creativity and creative subjects. More of it factual subjects like mathematics or science are very often made equal to intelligent subjects. So many parent think the more knowledge from factual subjects they can put into heads of their child, the more intelligent, smart and successful she/he will be.

This way of thinking created a huge gap. We do not have enough creative people and often not moving anywhere in scientific discoveries and understanding of the world. Why?

Innovations and inventions require the ability of an individual to refuse the existing dogmas and laws. New solutions, innovations, inventions lay beyond that point of factual knowledge a child had consumed at school or university. The most outstanding inventors, businessmen and thinkers of this world had to accept their beliefs and existing rules were incorrect or even wrong. These abilities are connected with your creative thinking, critical thinking and innovative thinking abilities.

Our future is unknown but it is obvious we will not be able to survive without creativity. The existing gap has to be eliminated as we need more ideas and new inventions.


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