Ideas to teach kids creativity at home discover the world

Ideas to teach kids creativity at home: discover the world

Ideas to teach kids creativity at home discover the world

This is a series of blog with various ideas how you may boost your kids creativity at home. So, lets start with our first idea.

Kids love exploring the world. Think about some curious topic you would like you child to discover. For example, kids love dinosaurs, volcanos, space. You may choose any other topic you and your child may like more.

Ask your child to do some research into topic and create something new. For example, if we selected dinosaurs then it could be dinosaurs dance, dinosaurs burger or dinosaurs car. Ask your child to image, draw, build her/his ideas. These simple activities will allow your child to improve her/his creative thinking abilities and stimulate metacognitive skills.

Guide your child through this journey and support her/him with questions to train their critical thinking skills. Ask about most unusual things they found or some similarities with other objects and events. Challenge your child with questions about non-existing or imaginable things to boost their creative thinking as kids work on their ideas.

Experiment, connect to your child’s imaginative world and be amazed how they become more and more confident creators.



To learn these skills you may enrol your child into our weekly online or face-to-face “TRIZ for Kids Creative Thinking and Problem Solving” program.


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