Robotics challenges as well as robot projects are a good way to check your knowledge and skills

How robotics classes can improve maths skills via cool maths games and challenges?

Robotics challenges as well as robot projects are a good way to check your knowledge and skills

Most parents think most kids who attend our robotics class should have a very strong mathematical and logical skills. However, it is only partially true and this is what you need to know as a parent. Those kids who learn robotics will develop or make their logical thinking or mathematics and problem solving skills stronger. All these skills are not something we get when born but what anyone may acquire through life and learning.



Robotics is itself a very important 21st century skill however it also helps children to develop a bunch of other important skills. While learning how to build a robot, coding robots and electronics, kids also spend lots of time on solving problems and very cool maths games and challenges. Any challenge is like a puzzle or mathematical problem you have to solve using programming language.



More of it, mathematics is not as simple as how much time is required to arrive from point A into point B. Knowledge required to solve challenges is cross curriculum. Challenges connect multiple subject with real life problems and let students look for solutions themselves and not just by following a set of steps or algorithm. This skill is probable the most important skill in the 21st century. This is why robotics for kids is considered one of the most promising and essential components of STEM education.



By solving problems students of our robotics classes use mathematics and create models, simulate environments. Models and simulations are like playing a very smart cool maths games: you have to predicts the outcome, try, rebuild a model and simulate again to see how it works.



All these activities have a direct impact on development of logical thinking and improve kids mathematics skills.



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