Do schools teach kids creativity

Do schools teach kids creativity?

Do schools teach kids creativity

Unfortunately, modern school can not teach creativity efficiently. Teaching creativity, critical thinking and problem solving requires individualised approach. This way kids may achieve their best whether is being a creative writer, doctor or engineer.

Each child has a huge potential to think creatively. However, this means a teacher needs to find hidden strength of an individual and mentor a student so she/he may achieve their potential.

Schools need to teach imagination and creativity as these are the features of a higher order thinking. This can be done by inspiring curiosity. So, if an individuals have different interests, it becomes hard to achieve this in a classroom setting.

We have done the first important steps towards the new system by accepting the fact the current system lacking individualised approach does not work. The next step is to find the way we may bring the individualised approach work at schools, bring more creative thinking and problem solving into curriculums, make the environment where curiosity will flourish.


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