Creative thinking for kids myths

Creative thinking for kids myths

Creative thinking for kids myths

As creativity and creative thinking is connected with the process of creation, it has always been surrounded by a mystery. Here are some myths discussed by Sir Ken Robinson:

Creative thinking for kids Myth 1.

Many people think creativity is only for some specific things like arts. However, in reality creativity is much broader as it is a process of creating new ideas and solving problems in an unusually or uncommon way. It involves understanding and researching across broad domains of knowledge, creating of new knowledge and solving problem by synthesising all you know and can.

Creative thinking for kids Myth 2.

Not all people are creative is what many think. We a born with these skills: creative thinking and problem solving. Everyone has a potential however it is true not everyone can achieve their maximum.

Creative thinking for kids myth 3.

Many think being creative means complete freedom and often chaos. Meantime, freedom and chaos are opposites to creativity as creative thinking is a process where discipline and practice play a crucial role.

Creative thinking for kids myth 4.

Many thin you can not teach or learn creativity. On opposite, creativity requires lots of training and arranging very special condition for creative thinking. Creative thinking and creativity can be learned as it is all about training your brain follow specific processes, working in a special mode.

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