CRAFTducation - YouTube channel where Kids teach Kids Minecraft

CRAFTducation - YouTube channel where Kids teach Kids Minecraft

If your kids love Minecraft, then you should read this.

As you might know we have Minecraft programs at Thinklum. And many parents were asking us about any safe content on Minecraft on internet. We have been reviewing various Minecraft channels and believe there are lots of hidden dangers there.

So, we have asked our kids to create their own channel on YouTube and share their learnings in Minecraft with kids. The channel is called “CRAFTducation”, it is marked as “KIDS FRIENDLY” and Thinklum educators curate the content. So when you let your child watch videos on CRAFTducation channel, you may be confident the content will be safe as it is created by kids for kids.

What may you learn on the channel?

As it has just started and growing you may find some basic Minecraft play videos as well as overviews of creations and ideas. The first episodes and videos will be great for newbies who start learning Minecraft.

One of the last episodes and projects, kids have publish on CRAFTducation was their water world with a pool and turtles in it, turtle eggs and baby turtles. There is an old pirate ship and a new modern boat as well. All build by kids end to end.

Go, check and subscribe your kids to CRAFTducation. They will like it.

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