Can social robots teach kids creativity

Can social robots teach kids creativity?

Being creative and being able to think creatively is something only humans can do. But can robots be creative or teach kids creativity and creative thinking?

Can social robots teach kids creativity

We have found a very curious research on this topic. A group of researchers used a social robot to interact with kids and then they made robot not just communicate but also perform so called creativity demonstrations to kids in infused into a gameplay.

Researchers observed two groups of kids. One group was playing on their own and another played and interacted with a social robot. A robot did not perform any creative activities. Researches compared the level of creativeness of two groups and did not find any differences. It meant a robot by itself did not boost any creativity in kids.

In the second experiment, researches changed the behaviour of a social robot and programmed a robot to interact with kids but also emulate some creativity in gameplay. After some time given to the group of kids who interacted with a robot, researchers have measured the levels of creativity and found a raise of creativity and creative thinking among observed kids.

The experiment did not prove robot can be creative as a program crafted by engineers did it. However, the experiment showed the evidence robots emulating creativity can boost creativity in kids. It means social robots can teach creativity. Isn’t it impressive?


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