5 Cool Things for Kids To Do On A Budget During School Holidays to Learn STEM skills

5 Cool Things for Kids To Do On A Budget During School Holidays to Learn STEM skills

5 Cool Things for Kids To Do On A Budget During School Holidays to Learn STEM skills

As a mum of two boys I know how challenging it could be to keep your kids busy especially during school holidays. 😉

So I have decided to share some really good and working ideas with you. All these ideas do not require much efforts or time and are on a low budget. Kids will be able to learn a lot as all the activities below are about both fun, play and learning important STEM skills. By the way, children learn better when they play.


Marble run

I love this idea as it is a brilliant way to boost kids’ creativity and design thinking. You need a tape, marbles and any materials you may find at home such as toilet paper rolls, boxes, any cartons, plastic plates and anything else you wanted to throw away but forgot to do it 😉

Marble run for kids

Balloon Rocket

This one is the coolest activity. It’s great for a rainy day and for a birthday party. What you need is a balloon, straw, tape and a long string. Follow the link https://sciencebob.com/make-a-balloon-rocket/  for the detailed instructions.

If you have more than one kid than they may play rocket racing which is a really cool and fun game. We love playing it at home.


Magnifying glass

Magnifying glass is great for exploration. You may find them in Kmart, Reject Shop or Hot Dollar.

Now when you have a magnifying glass you may ask your child to explore flowers, rocks, leaves or even bugs or ants 😊 and check how they look like when magnified. Believe me there will be a lot to discover for your kids and they will feel like young explorers or scientists.


Straws and playdoh

You will need a pack of straws, playdoh and imagination. Make playdoh balls and poke straws into playdoh balls to create different 2D or 3D shapes. You can even build a 3D house or castle. Kids pick up the idea very quickly and it will become their favourite game soon. Is it a molecular or a pyramid? It can be anything! 😊 Here is a video with some examples of shapes. 


Paper planes

All you need is paper. And if your kid would like to decorate a plane then you need a couple of markers. Check a guide I have found online for detailed instructions on how to make a paper plane. You may organize airplane competition with your child’s friends. It is very cool and I kids love it.

Let us know whether you liked ideas and share some of the pictures of your holidays projects here in comments, on our Facebook page or Facebook group. 

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