Robotics, Coding, Creativity and STEM Club for Kids In Pymble

🚀 Exciting News: Thinklum Club Unveils New Hub in Pymble! 🚀

Robotics, Coding, Creativity and STEM Club for Kids In Pymble

Hey Parents,

I've got some thrilling news to kickstart your child's journey into the captivating world of technology and creativity. The Thinklum Club is spreading its wings and opening a brand-new space right here in Pymble.


🌐 Why Thinklum Club? Unleash Your Child's Potential!

Ever wondered if your kid could build a robot or create their own video game? Well, the Thinklum Club is the ultimate destination where technology and creativity collide. Our state-of-the-art program is designed to make learning robotics and coding an exhilarating adventure for your little ones.


🤖 Robotics for Kids: Where Imagination Meets Technology!

Our Robotics Class is all about hands-on learning, where your child will dive into the world of robots, clever machines, and programming in a kid-friendly visual block-based environment. Guided by leading STEAM coding and robotics educators, your child will:

✨ Build robots and clever machines

✨ Learn robots programming in a fun visual block-based environment

✨ Explore electronics, electrical circuits, and sensors for robots

✨ Apply mathematical thinking while working on exciting robot projects

Our carefully crafted program ensures that every child not only learns but also has a blast doing it. You'll be amazed at how your little one will grow, both intellectually and creatively.


👩‍🏫 Launch your own YouTube Channel

Explore the dynamic world of content creation with our YouTube Class at Thinklum. Ignite your child's creativity as they embark on the journey to start their own YouTube channel.

✨Start your Channel on YouTube

✨Create your Channel brand and design

✨Create and publish your first Video

✨Tools to edit Videos

✨Work with Music/Sound


🐍 Python Classes: Coding Adventures for Ages 10-15!

For the slightly older tech enthusiasts (ages 10-15), our Python Classes are the perfect entry point into the fascinating world of coding. Here's a sneak peek into what your child will master:

🚀 Introduction to Coding

🤔 Logical Thinking

💡 Creative Problem Solving

🎮 Game Development

📱 Tech Literacy

Through engaging projects introduced each school term, your child will embark on a coding journey that builds a solid foundation for future success. Trust me; Python has never been this fun!


🎨 TIPS Club: Nurturing Creative Geniuses!

Our TIPS Club (Creativity, Problem Solving, Innovative Thinking) is the secret sauce to unlocking your child's inventive potential. They'll explore:

🤯 Inventive Problem Solving

🎨 Creative Thinking

🌟 Out-of-the-Box Ideas

🚀 Innovative Thinking

🧠 Critical and Flexible Thinking

💡 System Thinking

We're not just teaching skills; we're shaping young minds into creative powerhouses.


🎮 Scratch Coding Class: Design, Create, Play!

In our Scratch Coding Class, beginners will:

🎮 Learn how to build 2D games

🧩 Master block-based visual programming

👩‍🏫 Engage with professional educators

🎯 Design games and tackle exciting challenges

🗣 Participate in discussions to fuel their curiosity

The journey is about to begin, and we want your child on board!


🚀 Ready to Ignite Your Child's Curiosity? Join Us at Thinklum Club Pymble!

Ready to witness your child's imagination come to life? Enroll them in Thinklum Club Pymble and watch as they become tech-savvy explorers, problem solvers, and creative geniuses.


🌟 Learn more about our programs and secure your child's spot: Thinklum Club Pymble

Let's make learning an unforgettable adventure!

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