thinklum young students are building their first robots
thinklum robotics classes for kids
thinklum students love building robots
thinkum students build robots
Robotic challenges and games for kids to learn robotic logic and programming
Steps to asseble a robot for kids from bricks and sensors

Beginners Robotics Class - Y1 - Y2 – Concord West Robotics Club

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  • The first lesson in Term 4 will commence on the 15th of October.
  • Beginners level robotic class for kids to learn robotics and coding. Always NEW levels and more complex assignments EVERY TERM. Up to 4 LEVELS/TERMS
  • Children will learn how to make robots and understand robotics programming logic.
  • Enrol your child today to join thinklum robotics club in Concord West and participate in a weekly robotics class.
  • There are 9 classes per School Term. For 5 years old students enrolment send a request to
  • Learn more here