Thinklum robotics classes for kids and teens
thinklum weekly Robotics Classes for kids and teens
thinklum student finishes programming challenge for his robot
thinklum students love building robots
Detailed guide hot to build a robot from robotics kit
Robots programming environment to code robots to perform various instructions to solve problems and complete challenges
Thinklum students learn C programming to code robots

Advanced Robotics Class - Y4 - Y8 – Concord West Robotics Club

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  • Join age is school Y4 - Y7.
  • Term 1 classes will start from the 3rd of February 2020.
  • Weekly robotics class for primary, middle and high school aged children to learn robots and coding
  • All activities are in a club format where more experienced students share knowledge with less experienced.
  • New students are able to see what they can achieve as they progress. This approach allows keep students motivation high as well as teach them teamwork, collaboration and communications.
  • There are 9 classes per School Term.
  • Always NEW levels and more complex assignments EVERY TERM. Up to 6 LEVELS (or 20 TERMS) plus competitions preparation.
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