Beginners Robotics Class - Y1 - Y2 - More Info

Beginners Robotics Class students will learn the robotics concepts.They will develop a robot building skills and understand how to build robots from different blocks, use various sensor types (contact, IR, remote control and many more) and solve problems. Kids will learn robots programming using a unique programming approach.

We use an amazing curriculum program to teach children robotics. All materials we use were developed by STEAM educators and education psychologists to assist kids with the learning and exploration process. Check out how some of our lessons look like below.

 Steps to assemble a robot for kids from bricks and sensors  Robotics Curiculum to teach kids how to build and code robots Robotic challenges and games for kids to learn robotic logic and programming Robotics challenge to program robot to perform various actions


We use a patented approach to tech children programming even at this young age. We understand that it is very important for kids to reach their goals quickly. So we are using a special programming card to mimic computer commands. Children love this approach and they learn many important concepts much faster and easier. Check the image below. 

thinklum beginners robotics class

We teach students how to build robots to solve a specific task.

So it is not just about building robots, but also about learning programming, developing creativity and innovative thinking skills, understanding engineering principles, learning how to use robots, how robots work and serve humans, play games, complete robotics quests and missions, make new friends and have fun.

If you still hesitate and have questions, grab your phone and call us us or send us a message from website or in socials and one of our friendly staff members will help you to take a decision.

Kids are programming robots to move and run around at RUNSTEM robotics school.