Why should your kid attend robotics competitions?

This robot challenge will blow your mind but wait, here is a solution to drive this robot though the maze

Our parents and grandparents could not imagine the world we would live in. Robots are going to replace over 2 billion humans over the next decade. It sounds scary as you could think people will not have any jobs left. It is not true. There will be much more jobs generated as a result of robotics and automation. However, this will require robotics engineering and manipulation skills.

And one of the best ways to check your skills is to attend a competition and see what you are capable for. Competitions are not just to see what you can do but also learn about trends, other teams and technology and its innovative application across different industries as well as have fun.

Competitions are also about problem solving, strategic planning and working it as a team.

Before thinking about robotics competitions you should sign up your child for a participation in a robotics class or robotics club where he or she will be able to learn building robots and writing a code robot can understand.

RUNSTEM team is continuously improving programs in order to prepare your child for both robotics competitions and bright future in the world of robots.