What valuable skills or abilities kids may develop at robotics classes?

 What valuable skills or abilities kids may develop at robotics classes

In this article, I will cover some curious skills and abilities kids develop at Thinklum Robotics classes.

The first ability is ability to experiment and be not afraid to try various things. Robotics give students various opportunities to try things and experiment with models, projects, alternative designs of robots as well as with different ways to program a robot. We support students in improving or enhancing their own robots, thinking of alternative solutions and robots designs. We encourage them to experiments with coding as there is no right or wrong solution to a problem or challenge.

Next important skill is a logical thinking. Logical thinking can be trained and cultivated. We often start with some simple basic logical assignments at robotics classes. The complexity of the tasks increases but uses the logic of a previous task as a foundation for the next more complex robotics challenge. Robotics classes have a lot of practical activities to promote the development of logical thinking ability, which can be planned and gradually develop students’ thinking ability.

And the last curious ability is to be able to conduct their own research. We encourage out robotics class students to explore the project, learn more about the application of robots in real life, find information for research and present it to other students. This ability is very important for the future successful careers.

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