Robotics for kids help students learn collaboration and problem-solving as a team.

 Robotics for kids help students learn collaboration and problem-solving as a team

What we found out is that learning at robotics classes provides with the best experience with troubleshooting problems and is a good catalyst to enhance the participants’ problem-solving skills.

We are using both team-work and pair work to collaborate, construct, build, and program a robot under switchable roles. We had robot designers, robot builders and robot programmers as well as someone who presents a project.

We have realized these types of arrangements in a robotics class increase motivation and effectiveness. Children like to share ideas and help each other. They also find solutions to the problems much faster and easier compared to more common individual work.

All these practical based findings made us increase the number of the projects where robotics class kids were working on projects together and could be assigned various roles.

Ability to collaborate and work on tasks completion together are also very important 21st century skills. And kids attending Thinklum robotics classes acquire those skills naturally.


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