Is it easy to learn how to code a robot?

OMG! This is our rock star robotics student at the beginning of his journey. We are so proud we have such great students!

There is no simple answer to this question. If you have some experience and understand how robots work than yes it is not that complex to code a robot.

What’s more important is to develop system and logical thinking. To achieve this goal we usually start with a block based programming which looks like dragging, dropping  and connecting blocks in a logical sequence. This is the best way to learn as a student concentrates on building a robot and solving a problem and not on learning the syntax of programming language or complex coding environment. More of it, take into account the fact kids want the result fast and block based programming solves all these educational challenges very well.

Later we suggest to switch to a more sophisticated way of coding and actually type a code in a console of coding environment connected to your robot. At this stage students are comfortable with building robots and designing different models of robot and the task is to achieve more flexibility by writing a code that does exactly what you want robot to do and increase code execution performance.

While discussing coding we also focus on debugging as this is probably what you will be doing half if not more than a half time writing a code. Debugging is testing your code and finding errors. When code works the result is transferred to your robot brains which is a micro controller. Now robot has all needed instructions and ready to help us with the work humans would prefer not to do themselves.

Now you know a little bit about robots coding process. What do you think about it? Can it be easy?