Epi5 #EduTech: Encourage your children and give them as many opportunities as possible - Thinklum Podcast with Helen Kardiasmenos

We will discuss STEM for girls and the importance of inspiring girls to learn STEM. Girls are great at maths, coding and robotics. How girls’ role models are changing these days? Have you heard about the evolution of Barbie and new Barbies doctors, engineers, scientists.

How do educators may use Minecraft Education Edition in the classroom and what parents should know about this version of Minecraft. Is Minecraft Education Edition a safe place for kids?

There are lessons in Minecraft Education Edition to learn about the world, shapes, develop creativity and even coding for kids. Is it for playing games or education?

What is trending today in education and what technology teachers are preparing for their students in the nearest time?

We will discuss online education trends and how online education will be used at schools. It is important to continue teaching students learning online and using virtual environments to learn in a virtual class.

Why problem solving and resilience will be crucial in the future?

Why we talked about SpaceX and space discoveries?