Epi3 #Edutech Technology can be used way better for kids and get them away from a passive screen time


Today we will have Nicole and Kern from playgrasshopper on our podcast.

Do you have a young kid and want to get her/him moving to develop coordination, fine motor skills and learn team work over interactive collaboration and play activities then you should listen to this podcast.

Guys work on an amazing project helping kids to learn digital skills over physical activities and teamwork. We will speak about the importance of physical activities and how their product may convert screen time into more active physical play.

When we talk about learning digital skills, we often think of coding or robotics only but there is much more than these. Learn how guys come up with this brilliant idea of connecting active physical play with interactive digital platform.

We will also discuss where else you may use their product and games.

If you are interested in grasshopper and want it for your kid, then feel free to explore their website https://www.playgrasshopper.io/

Join us and enjoy our talk!

Your co-hosts: Mila Loginovski and Andrei Loginovski.