Epi2 #Edutech: Should We Teach a Fish to Climb a Tree Or What is There in the Future of Education - Thinklum Podcast with Robobloq


Welcome to "Kids Education Unpacked" Podcast.

It is our first episode with a guest. We have amazing guest Nicole Wan from Robobloq STEAM Robotics Education company.
In this episode we will discuss what skills kids should be learning to succeed in the future. We will discuss whether parents can teach robotics at home by themselves and whether online education works.
We will talk about the future of the online education as well as online robotics classes and robotics and coding education.
Nicole will also share insights on what's happening in education space due to the covid-19 and what is the impact on educators and families life around the globe.
 Join us on this podcast and learn how robotics is changing the world.
 Your co-hosts: Mila Loginovski and Andrei Loginovski.