Why creative thinking, critical thinking and problem solving skills are important for kids?

Why creative thinking, critical thinking and problem solving skills are important for kids

Look at the modern world today and unbelievable changes happening each day. These changes drive the need and importance of specific skills, required for the occupations and professions of the future as well as define success of a person.

Just knowing mathematics, finance or coding won’t guarantee your child a success. You can already see these skills become more and more in demand:

  • Creativity,
  • Out of the box thinking,
  • Inventive thinking,
  • Flexibility of thinking,
  • Ability to find solution of problems, often these problems might seem to have no solution,
  • System thinking.

TRIZ for kids aims to develop all the skills listed above and help any child to learn and apprehend the methodology of innovating, creation and problems solving.

TRIZ for kids aims to set the foundations for development of your child in all the directions above. Just think of it, ability to think and find solutions independently are the skills your child will need through the whole her/his life.

Every child has a huge potential and is talented. That’s why it is so important to give a child opportunity to create, think innovatively, invent and understand the world around. And we will help your child to acquire these skills on our weekly online or face-to-face “TRIZ for Kids Creative Thinking and Problem Solving” program to become #Thinklumazing.



  • Dear Zunara,
    Thank you for your interest in TRIZ creative thinking class for kids. You may follow the link https://thinklum.com/products/face-to-face-triz-creativity-problem-solving-innovative-thinking-for-kids-classes for a face-to-face class and the link https://thinklum.com/products/online-triz-creativity-problem-solving-innovative-thinking-for-kids-classes for online class.
    Please, let us know should you have any other queries.
    Thank you.
    Thinklum Team.

    Thinklum Team
  • May I please know about the class timings. What will be the duration of the class? And how much does it cost?

    Zunara Adnan

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