What skills and abilities are improved at a creative thinking class?

What skills and abilities are improved at a creative thinking class?

With the development of technology and accelerating pace of life, creativity becomes more and more important as it differentiates you from other people and defines your success.

While working on creative and innovative thinking problems, children develop relevant cognitive skills, such as observing, contrasting, imagining and hypothesising, questioning, comparing that they need in all areas of the curriculum. Children may practice and acquire metacognitive skills when they  evaluate and reflect critically.

Creative thinking classes increase children’s motivation to study and discover new things. As a child starts looking at things from various perspectives and thinking critically, it boosts her/his curiosity about the surrounding world.

Parents realise how their children start thinking more flexibly and propose very innovative solutions to various problems whether these problems are connected to their daily routine or studying at school.

Creative thinking and innovative thinking learning support a natural child’s ability to imagine, create and discover. Many children feel like no one is interested in their ideas, stories and dreams. So creative thinking classes help those children to feel needed, important. Classes develop confidence in a child and improve her/his creative abilities.


To learn these skills, you may enroll your child into our weekly online or face-to-face “TRIZ for Kids Creative Thinking and Problem Solving” program.


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