Thinklum Creativity and Thinking for Kids

  • Why creativity is much broader than just arts?

    When someone asks you about creativity, the first association to come into your mind would probably be the arts. It’s mainly because we think of people who create poems, dance, paintings or films as creative.

    However, lets think of the following example. A child solved the mathematical problem in differently and we say a kid is creative. So, actually we may measure and think of creativity as of uncommon uses for common objects. Many researches show creativity is connected to the ability of a person to overcome the distraction and “stickiness” of prior knowledge.


  • What skills and abilities are improved at a creative thinking class?

    With the development of technology and accelerating pace of life, creativity becomes more and more important as it differentiates you from other p...
  • What skills should children acquire to succeed?

    Parents and teachers have to focus on teaching children creativity and innovative thinking, solving unusual and not typical problems, information analysis and ability to work with various types of information, communication and teamwork.