Support child’s creative thinking development through making and play?

Support child’s creative thinking development through making and play

Just stop for a moment and think how little kids play. They grab some toy, connect absolutely unusual object to it and “voila” the game starts. Imaginary non-existing creature or a super-hero has just been created. While doing this a child could probably tried to stick something too heavy to her/his toy and it fall down. After being upset for a few seconds you can see another attempt. No success. But a good lesson.

This is a great example we all observed many time. It is an example of how children learn creativity and critical thinking through making their own things. They may learn about space, volume, weight, properties of materials.  

Creative thinking and critical thinking skills are developed much better when children have motivation to achieve specific and tangible goals. Building or making are a perfect way to learn these skills.

Many parents could think children are creating useless stuff. However, this “useless stuff” become essential and very important when you look from the perspective of a child’s imaginary world, play and a story.

In order to support your child creative development, give her/him objects and materials that do not have anything in common. Set the frames or rules. Ask child to invent whatever she/he likes. And you will be impressed how easily your child will find a place for each object given.

Try it and let us know of your results and send some images of inventions.


To learn creative skills, you may enroll your child into our weekly online or face-to-face “TRIZ for Kids Creative Thinking and Problem Solving” program.



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