Is there a connection between creative thinking for kids and learning?

Is there a connection between creative thinking for kids and learning

This subject is being investigated for decades by universities and educational organizations. Many still not sure whether there is link of creative thinking abilities in kids and their success in learning at school. However, there the positive link of creativity and creative thinking for kids was identified to learning. It means usually those kids who are creative, learn well.

One of the reasons it is hard to identify the links is the complexity of measuring creative thinking ability. Quantifying it is quite hard as it becomes very subjective when different people assess kids. We have already discussed it in one of our blogs.

We have evidence from our experience working with kids on Creative Thinking Classes. We have observed and discussed a growth in interest towards learning at school when children attend creative thinking classes. Many parents admit their kids started to understand why they need to learn some subjects such as math, science, geography or art.

So, whether creative thinking for kids is linked to learning success directly or not, we believe there is only positive relation between the two and one is supporting another.


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