Does maths and science require creative thinking skills for kids?

Does maths and science require creative thinking skills for kids

Many parents and even teachers have a stereotypical perception of creativity for kids and creative thinking. Many still associate creativity and creative mind with art, music or dance. While the last two definitely require creativity for success, creativity is much broader and is required in any field of human activities. Stereotypical thinking about creativity and creative thinking is linked to very low interests of kids in STEM related subjects as many consider them as not creative.

Meantime, creativity and creative thinking are the most important factors driving science and technology progress throughout the centuries of human development. All expeditions, scientific breakthroughs, changes of epochs are connected to the growth of creative thinking abilities of people.

Parents and teachers need to show and explain to children STEM subjects are as creative as art and often required much more creative thinking than art. Creative thinking and creativity, as we have already wrote about it in one of our blogs, are a process. When this process is applied to STEM fields, it becomes quite complex and requires a person to be very imaginative, be able to think out of the box and creatively.

Share this with your kid as may be she/he is another Einstein or Curie.



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