Children’s creativity and creative thinking in Sir Ken Robinson’s school of life

Children’s creativity and creative thinking in Sir Ken Robinson’s school of life.

Sir Ken Robinson is one of the biggest and most well-known educators who puts creativity and problem solving as top priorities for schools and life. As per his vision all people born possess talents and capabilities. However, it is up to individual to decide how to use them. As a result, many learn and want to move forward while others prefer to have what they have.

As per Sir Ken Robinson:

“1. Imagination is a wellspring of creativity. It is stimulating and uses past and existing ideas to promote thinking that hypothesises, speculates, and anticipates.

  1. Creativity is applied imagination, allowing outcomes to be achieved.
  2. Innovation is putting good ideas into practice, and it is judged by its creative value.”

This is where the roles of teachers and parents become so important as they have the biggest impact on children and helping them in achieving their maximum.

Education at school and at home allows to build children’s curiosity and creative thinking. The last two help to fulfil individual potential and help society with problem solving and innovation. The aim of education is to build appetite for curiosity and innovative thinking. The ultimate aim of parents and teachers these days is not to overwhelm kids with information as information is accessible easily today. But to teach student to stay motivated and focus on their individual learning experience through creative thinking and problem solving, allowing student to focus on their interests and strengths.


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