Roblox is growing the number of kids who code games.


Roblox is growing the number of kids who code games

Roblox is a multiplayer game and it gains more and more popularity each day. While over 150 active players enjoy Roblox games, their parents only wondering why Roblox is so popular.

In most of the cases Roblox games are very simple but altogether with ability to communicate and interact with other players, Roblox create amazing atmosphere.

More of it, Roblox allows to create your own games. And we would say it can be as challenging as coding apps. Roblox provides young game developers with all tools needed to code their own games. This is by the way is exactly what our students do at weekly online or face-to-face Roblox coding classes: kids learn coding games in Roblox. So now any passionate player can code her/his own game in Roblox.

Many of our students now spend part of their time coding games not playing them and many of them are making Robux (internal virtual Roblox currency). Now if you have your own idea of a game, you may attend 2-3 terms of Thinklum online or face-to-face Roblox coding classes and then start building your own games and that way breath life into any of your own ideas.

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