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Roblox online coding classes official provided

Yes, we have coding back in our curriculum. One the most exciting news is we are official ROBLOX educational provider in Australia with ongoing online coding courses for kids.

We have been using similar coding environments before and were successfully teaching kids how to code and how to build their own games. Now we are pushing it to the next level and aim to raise even more kids coders who will be able not only play games but also build games in Roblox over our ongoing online coding courses for kids.

So what kids are able to learn in Roblox?

  • Programming using a script language which is very similar to the C programming language
  • Learn 3D design and working with 3D models and later code the behavior of those
  • Kids will learn not only coding but also game design

And this is just the beginning of this journey and our story with Roblox Education. All our Roblox coding courses for kids are available online.

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